Lloyds Reg to scrutinise WaveRoller

Finnish start-up AW-Energy's WaveRoller device will be scrutinised by certification body Lloyd's Register to pave the way toward commercialisation of the technology, following an agreement signed between the two companies.

The collaboration will give full certification to WaveRoller, a submerged, nearshore wave energy converter (WEC) that sways on a hinged panel attached to the seabed to generate energy, as well as facilitiating future project financing and insurance coverage for array projects.

"Lloyd's Register has a long history in certifying devices in the marine environment and AW-Energy's WaveRoller project is one of the world's latest innovations for the renewable sector," states Lloyd's Register vice president for renewables Ross Wigg.

Wigg highlighted: "AW-Energy's engagement throughout the certification process is encouraging and we are looking forward to working alongside them to assure their technology and commercial success."

AW-Energy chief executive John Liljelund adds: "The continuous collaboration with companies like Lloyd's Register Energy and [previously] with DNV GL, both leading institutions in technical advice and certification, further bolsters the development team at AW-Energy.

"AW-Energy has ongoing wave energy projects in Ireland, France, UK, Chile, the US and Portugal, where a 300kW version of the WEC has been running off since 2012.

The WaveRoller 's panel capture wave surge, driving piston pumps that propel a working fluid through a hydraulic generator.

The device is designed for deployment in waves of three to five metres and water depths of around 12 metres.