REpower to supply 295MW of turbines for RWE’s Nordsee Ost

Suzlon owned wind turbine manufacturer REpower has signed a contract to deliver 48 6.15 MW turbines to german renewables giant RWE Innogy for its Nordsee Ost offshore wind project.

The turbines are REpower’s new 6M model, which are based on the technology of the 5M range. The turbine sale is the first in the context of the framework agreement concluded between REpower and RWE in February 2009, for the delivery of up to 250 5M and 6M offshore turbines. REpower will supply the nacelles and hubs from its offshore production facility in Bremer-haven as well as the rotor blades and towers for the project. It will also be responsible for the start-up of the wind farm and for servicing.

The Nordsee Ost project will be built in the Germany Bight between 2011 and 2013, with the first turbines to start operation in mid 2012. The wind farm will be located about 35 km north of the island of Helgoland, in water depths of 22 to 25 metres. The wind farm will be co-funded by the European Commission under the EEPR-program.

Paul Coffey, Member of the Management Board at RWE Innogy, says: "The framework agreement with REpower gives us the flexibility to change our original plans and to start installation somewhat earlier, before we receive planning permission for our second German North Sea Project, Innogy Nordsee 1."

Matthias Schubert, as CTO of REpower also responsible for the company’s off-shore operations, says: "We already showed in 2006, with our first offshore pro-ject Beatrice, that we can set up turbines at a depth of 44 meters. And quite recently we successfully installed the first German offshore wind farm Alpha Ventus – partly under difficult weather conditions – with six REpower 5M turbines. By this, we have built up the learning curve for our offshore activities very systematically.”

With a rated capacity of respectively 5 and 6.15 megawatts, and a rotor diameter of 126 meters, the 5M and 6M are among the biggest wind turbines in the world. Since 2004, REpower has installed a total of 26 5Ms and 6Ms both onshore and offshore.