DTE reaffirms commitment to meet Michigan 2015 RPS

DTE Energy is requesting proposals to supply 100MW of renewable energy from Michigan-based projects that will be in commercial operation by 31 December 2013, Scott L. Simons, a utility spokesman, tells Recharge.

The submission deadline is 7 June this year.

Simons says the request is part of the utility’s plan to meet Michigan’s 10% renewable portfolio standard by 2015 by adding almost 1GW of generation capacity, enough to power about 400,000 homes.

To do this, DTE will invest nearly $2bn in renewable energy projects that it will own and an additional $2bn to purchase energy under long-term contracts from third-party owners of biomass, landfill gas and wind facilities that will be built in Michigan.

Wind is expected to provide the bulk of this required generation. Half will be purchased from wind farms that DTE will own and half from third party developers, Simons says.

The utility now owns 213MW of wind installations in Michigan and purchases about 381.4MW of renewable energy from developers.

DTE is the largest electric utility in the state,` with coal the fuel for 75% of its power generation, nuclear 20% and the balance other fossil fuels and renewables.

Simons says DTE is committed to moving ahead with additional wind generation capacity regardless of whether Congress extends the production tax credit beyond 31 December. Most observers believe lawmakers will approve an extension of one or two years after early November national elections.

DTE also wants to add small amounts of solar energy and has a pilot programme that could add 20MW of generation capacity.