Three Asian states to benefit from $3.87m aid on small wind systems

More than 5,000 villages in three Asian countries are set to benefit from a $3.87m in technical assistance by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in the installation of small wind power systems.

ADB has formed a small wind working group to identify rural areas in the Philippines, Mongolia and Nepal, where small wind systems will be installed for villages to have a wider access to energy.

A small wind farm is categorised as having a capacity of below 10kW.

According to Jiwan Acharya, ADB climate change specialist, small wind power projects are a sustainable solution for remote and dispersed markets.

Poor rural communities, however, often do not have enough sufficient funds to carry out the heavy costs of wind projects.

About $4,000 is needed to produce one kilowatt of power from wind resources, Acharya told delegates at a recently concluded Clean Energy Forum held in Manila.

ADB is conducting studies to explore innovative and practical ways to reduce the costs of developing wind farms by transferring appropriate technologies and optimising manufacturing processes.

The project aims to encourage public-private collaboration to spur investment and research for clean and renewable energy, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Acharya says.