Alpha Ventus beat forecast in 2012

Germany’s Alpha Ventus offshore wind laboratory fed almost 270GWh of power into the country’s national grid last year, “exceeding expectations” at operating company Doti with a 15.3% higher output than forecast.

The first quarter of 2013 is on-trend, with the 60MW development – which came on-line 45km off the coast of Borkum in 2010 – having flowed 63GWh ashore.

“After just over two full operating years it is still too early to set a standard and permanently raise yield forecasts for the future. Nonetheless, the good reliable power yield generated by Alpha Ventus shows that power generation from offshore wind farms is on the right way,” says Wilfried Hube, managing director of Doti, the operating consortium set up by EWE, E.ON and Vattenfall for the project.

“The operators of Alpha Ventus consider offshore wind power to be a vital component in the future energy mix.”

In contrast with 2011, which churned out its highest yields during the winter months, the power output in 2012 was “particularly steady”, he notes, with wind energy “distributed very evenly over the entire year”.

During 2012 the 12, 5MW turbines at Alpha Ventus – six Areva M5000s and another six REpower 5Ms – ran for 4,463 full-load hours, a value matching the level reached in 2011.

The wind farm’s availability over the last year averaged 96.5%.

Doti is carrying out follow-up projects in Germany at the Riffgat (EWE), Amrumbank West (E.ON) and DanTysk (Vattenfall) wind farm developments.

Note: Amended version clarifies that 15.3% figure in first paragraph relates to AV exceeding output forecast.