Vestas starts up giant test bench

Danish turbine manufacturer Vestas has started operating its 20MW test bench – the wind industry’s largest such facility, which will be used to put its 8MW offshore machine through its paces.

The test centre in Aarhus, Denmark, is 42 metres long and nine metres wide, and weighs in at almost 700 tonnes.

The facility will be capable of testing the full nacelle of Vestas’ V164-8.0 MW, simulating 25 years of service in demanding North Sea conditions.

The Aarhus test bench will play a key role in speeding the 8MW machine towards commercial launch.

Chief technology officer Anders Vedel said: “Vestas has invested in the industry’s most powerful test bench to ensure the turbine will perform in challenging conditions for 25 years.”

Vedel and other senior Vestas figures spoke in depth to Recharge magazine about the test bench for an article published earlier this month, describing it as "the big beast".