Hydro-Québec calls 450MW tender

Hydro-Québec Distribution has issued a tender call for purchase of 450MW of wind power with the initial 100MW linked to the provincial electric utility’s grid no later than 1 December 2016.

Hydro-Québec will purchase 300MW produced by wind farms located in the Bas St-Laurent and Gaspésie les-de-la-Madeleine regions, and 150 MW from others across Québec. It stipulates that 350MW of that amount be connected to its grid by 1 December 2017.

The energy price including the cost of transmission plus balancing service and firming capacity, must not exceed 9 cents per kWh in 2014 dollars.  

The projects will have to meet content rules as follows:

*A 60% minimum of project costs must be spent in Québec, including those for installation of wind turbines.

*A 35% minimum of wind turbine costs must be allocated to the regional county municipality of La Matanie and the administrative region of Gaspésie Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

  • The bid submission deadline is 3 September 2014.