UK Crown Estate scopes RE cabling

UK seabed landlord the Crown Estate has invited developers with embryonic renewable energy transmission cable projects to send in details of their plans.

The data provided will inform thinking on spatial planning off the UK so that licensing of the emerging transmission network can be better structured.

Crown Estate permission is needed for export lines installed on the seabed and foreshore out to the 12 nautical mile limit of British territorial waters.

It is estimated that renewable energy trading projects in this swathe of UK offshore could grow to up to 5GW capacity by 2020.

“Renewable energy trading has the potential to play an important role in the UK’s future energy mix,” says Crown Estate head of minerals and infrastructure Ian Selby.

“Gathering this baseline data is an important first step towards understanding how these projects could be accommodated alongside each other and together with existing technologies, to optimise the use of the seabed.”

Submissions are to be made to the Crown Estate by close of business on 7 February 2014.