GE 4MW direct-drive turbine coming to Gothenburg port

General Electric is advancing its offshore wind efforts with a new 4MW class direct-drive wind turbine to be installed in the harbour at Gothenburg, Sweden, later this year.

The new 4.1-113 turbine, introduced at the European Wind Energy Association’s EWEA 2011 event in Brussels, would be supplied to Göteborg Energi.

GE, a top global supplier of onshore wind turbines, leapt into the offshore space with the acquisition in 2009 of Norway’s ScanWind, a developer of direct-drive turbines.

GE says the new turbine is based upon a design tested in a 13-unit array operating off the Norwegian coast since 2005. The 4.1-113 builds on a 3.5MW direct-drive offshore turbine design, it adds, and benefits from the company’s experience of more than 16,000 units installed onshore.

The US industrial giant says direct-drive offers benefits over gearbox-based turbines including fewer moving parts and simpler design. That is aimed at increasing reliability and minimizing the need to mobilise large repair vessels.

Photo via Flickr.