Ming Yang wins 200MW China offshore wind turbine order

Turbine maker Ming Yang is to supply turbines to a 200MW offshore wind farm in southern China as the company pushes ahead with aggressive plans for the offshore market.

The Chinese company will supply its 3MW, 5MW and 6MW super compact drive (SCD) hybrid turbines to the demonstration project being built by Yudean Group.

The project is located on the eastern coastal areas of Xinliao Island, off the port city of Zhanjiang, at the southwestern tip of Guangdong. Evaluation of the wind resources and site selection are already completed.

Ming Yang installed a 3MW prototype in Jiangsu’s inter-tidal zone last year but has not yet finished developing its 5MW and 6MW machines. However it is keen to take a large share of any offshore wind power developed in Guangdong, its home province.

Guangdong’s wind resources offer potential for 11GW in offshore generating capacity, Ming Yang claims. However, the region is also hit by frequent typhoons, making conditions challenging for wind farms.

China’s offshore wind sector is still under development, with less than 1.5GW installed by the end of 2010. However, the government aims to have 5GW of offshore capacity by 2015 and 30GW by 2020.

This goal is driving local turbine makers to forge aggressive strategies to gain an edge in a new growth market.

Ming Yang is collaborating with engineering groups in a bid to reduce installation costs. Chairman Zhang Chuanwei has set cost targets of 12,000 yuan ($1,890) per kW of installed offshore capacity, compared with an estimated average of 18,000-20,000 yuan in other projects in China to date.

The company’s first offshore project will be a 48MW wind farm, also for Yudean, Guangdong’s largest power generation company.

It will supply its 3MW hybrid turbines and expects to install the first machines by the end of the year. Ming Yang is working with China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group on the construction of the project.

In August it signed an agreement with another developer, Three Gorges New Energy (CTGNE), to collaborate on offshore wind development in Guangdong.

Ming Yang says its SCD two-bladed turbine is lighter, smaller and requires less maintenance than conventional geared machines, making it more suitable for offshore wind farms.