Centrica and Dong set out plan for 2.2GW UK offshore project

Centrica and Dong have submitted an environmental-impact scoping report to the UK’s National Infrastructure Planning Agency for the first project in their Irish Sea wind farm development zone.

The proposals could see between 147 and 440 turbines with a total capacity of up to 2.2GW installed in an area about 14km from the North Wales island of Anglesey and 34km from the Isle of Man.

The two companies are calling the project Rhiannon Wind Farm.

In March, Danish energy giant Dong bought into Centrica’s 4.2GW Irish Sea Round 3 zone, paying up to £40m ($62.5m) in cash for a 50% interest in a new joint venture called Celtic Array.

A final investment decision on the consortium’s first project is expected in 2016.