Gamesa back in wind top-five as GE drops out - analysts

Spanish wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa broke back into the top-five wind turbine manufacturers by annual deliveries in 2011, according to analysts IHS-Emerging Energy Research.

Gamesa was in fourth place, with turbine deliveries of 3.31GW in 2011, compared to the eighth spot it managed in 2010, IHS-EER says. Gamesa’s market share increased by 1.6% to 8%.

Denmark’s Vestas once again retained its top spot, with deliveries of 5.22GW, or 12.7% of the total market. However, that was down on the 5.85GW it notched up in the previous year and its market share fell by 2%.

China’s Sinovel – which had been widely tipped to knock Vestas off the top spot in 2011 – stalled with 3.7GW of deliveries, compared with 4.39GW in 2010.

Fellow Chinese manufacturer Goldwind was in a close third-place with 3.6GW of deliveries or 8.7% of the market, compared to 3.73GW in 2010.

Dongfang dropped out of the top ten, but Guodian United Power and Mingyang entered it for the first time.

US giant GE saw its market position slide sharply to sixth place, from third in 2010, as deliveries fell from 3.79GW to 3.17GW.

Germany’s Enercon maintained fifth spot, helped by a steady domestic onshore wind market. Deliveries increased to 3.2GW, from 2.97GW in 2010.

Siemens, which until recently had a stated aim of becoming one of the top-three wind turbine manufacturers in 2012, stayed in ninth place last year, with a market share of 6.3%.

Overall, the company which saw its market share increase the most was China’s Guodian, with a 3.3% boost to 7.4%. Fellow Chinese company XEMC, Gamesa, Mingyang, Siemens and Suzlon Group (including REpower) also saw their shares increase.

At the other extreme, Dongfang, Sinovel, Vestas, and GE were among the companies that saw the biggest falls in market share.

The full report is available here.

2011's top 10 manufacturers by market share and delivered capacity

1. Vestas 12.7% 5,217MW

2. Sinovel 9.0% 3,700MW

3. Goldwind 8.7% 3,600MW

4. Gamesa 8.0% 3,308MW

5. Enercon 7.8% 3,203MW

6. GE Energy 7.7% 3,170MW

7. Suzlon Group 7.6% 3,116MW

8. Guodian United Power 7.4% 3,042MW

9. Siemens 6.3% 2,591MW

10. Mingyang 3.6% 1,500MW

Source: IHS-EER