WWEA and local group join to boost wind power in Korea

The Germany-based World Wind Energy Association and the Korean Wind Energy Industry Association have signed an agreement to jointly research what is needed to boost the onshore and offshore wind market in South Korea.

Conclusions will serve as guidance for the South Korean government in order to take the necessary decisions for a faster growth of wind power in the peninsula.

“Both onshore and offshore wind farm investment will be scaled up in the coming year, and the mid-term target is an installed capacity of 15GW,” says Choong-Yul Son, chairman of the subcommittee of KWEIA and WWEA vice president.

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“To achieve this, we will learn from other countries who have already reached such milestone.”

South Korea so far only played a marginal role in the global wind sector, both in terms of domestic installations as well as in industrial capacities, the two wind associations say.

But they add that after the election of President Moon Jae-in earlier this year the country has switched off several coal power stations, will prepare a plan to phase out nuclear power and plans to speed up the deployment of renewables.

“Experience from other, leading wind markets can well serve as guidance on which way the country should go for,” WWEA secretary general Stefan Gsänger says.

“We believe that a clear focus on a 100% renewable energy supply will not only be good for the environment but it will strengthen the country’s economy and improve economic prospects of urban and rural communities in Korea.”

South Korea according to WWEA statistics last year installed 198MW in wind capacity, bringing its cumulated capacity to just over 1GW.