Goldwind keeps grip on Chinese wind with 6.3GW in 2016: CWEA

Wind installations in China continued to be dominated by local players in 2016, with Goldwind again at the head of the pack with 6.3GW and Vestas the top-performing foreign group, according to figures from the Chinese Wind Energy Association (CWEA).

China again led the world in wind power installation, although the 23.3GW added in 2016 was a 24% drop compared to the previous year, bringing China to a cumulative 169GW, according to the data as cited by FTI Consulting.

The new capacity was supplied by 25 turbine vendors, the CWEA said, with local suppliers accounting for 94.8% of the market.

According to the association, of the 22 Chinese OEMs Goldwind installed 6.3GW in 2016, accounting for 27.1% of the market.

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United Power, previously the second-largest local OEM, dropped to fourth place in 2016 with 1.9GW, while Envision, which added 2GW of new capacity, took the number-two position in China for the first time.

Ming Yang (1.9GW) moved up one position to third and CSIC Haizhuang (1.8GW) maintained its fifth place in 2016.

CWEA said foreign suppliers Vestas, Gamesa and GE installed 510MW, 498 MW and 205MW respectively in China in 2016.

The foreign groups accounted for a 5% market share in China in 2016, up from 2.7% in 2015. Vestas was the best performing, taking 12 spot in the market after it increased its market share in China from 0.9% in 2015 to 2.2% in 2016, noted FTI Consulting.

In offshore wind China installed 592MW, of which 82.5% was supplied by Shanghai Electric, which licensed offshore turbine technology from Siemens in 2015.

Envision (50.4MW), Goldwind (48MW) and CSIC Haizhuang (5MW), also installed offshore capacity last year. 

The CWEA 2016 figures tally with data released last week by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), which pointed to the absence of support deadlines that drove 2015’s stellar 30GW expansion, plus easing power demand and ongoing grid issues.

However, GWEC said it expects the Chinese market to regain momentum in 2017.

Top wind vendors in China by 2016 additions

  1. Goldwind 6.36GW
  2. Envision 2GW
  3. Ming Yang 1.96GW
  4. United Power 1.9GW
  5. CSIC Haizhuang 1.83GW
  6. Shanghai Electric 1.73GW
  7. XEMC 1.24GW
  8. Dongfang 1.23GW
  9. Windey 724MW
  10. CCWE 715MW

Source: CWEA/FTI Consulting

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