Nordex 2016 order intake up by a third on AWP merger

The order intake at the Nordex Group surged by 33.6% to €3.3bn ($3.46bn) in 2016, the year the German wind turbine maker merged with its Spanish peer Acciona Windpower (AWP).

The merger with AWP that was completed on April 1, 2016, has widened the company’s regional scope, Nordex said.

In particular the share of the Americas region rose to 34% last year from just 10% in 2015 as the group achieved €560m in new business in South America and another about €550m in North America.

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Europe and Africa, previously Nordex’s core market that in 2015 still made up for 90% of its order intake, in 2016 accounted for 65% of the order intake. Still, the manufacturer was able to grow its new order intake there by about 28% to €1.17bn.

Nordex will announce its full 2016 earnings at the end of February.