Mexican project gives 198MW debut for new Gamesa turbine

Spanish wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa is to debut its new G132-3.465MW wind turbine platform with its first order for the machines coming from Mexico.

First unveiled last year, the company has been commissioned to install 57 of its new machines at an undisclosed location. The order comes from a power utility for the supply of 198MW at one of its wind developments in Mexico.

With the first prototype installed at the company’s R&D facility at Alaiz, Navarra, in September serial production is scheduled to begin in 2017 after an intense product validation and testing process. Gamesa – which is in the midst of a merger with German engineering giant Siemens – hopes to get the model type-certified by the first quarter of 2017.

The turbine is designed for medium and medium-low wind speed sites and comes in four different tower heights ranging from 84 to 134 metres. Its fiberglass blades have a span of 64.5 metres each and feature a new family of aerodynamic edges, which increase output while minimising noise, the company says.

To date Gamesa has installed some 1,100 wind turbines across Mexico and is one of the country’s leading wind OEMs.

Increasing geographical scope was a key element in the recent merger agreement between Siemens and Gamesa, with Siemens keen to gain positions in emerging markets as a result of the deal. The merger still requires EU regulatory approval to proceed.

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