Oregon greenlights Caithness Energy's 399MW wind project

Oregon electric utility regulators have issued a site certificate for Caithness Energy’s Saddle Butte facility of up to 399MW, among the largest wind projects under development in a US coastal state.

The Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council’s approval calls for project construction to begin by 17 November 2019, with completion within three years.

The facility will be located in north-central Oregon, about 20 miles south of the Columbia River. A new transmission line link the project with the grid and utilize structures already in place that the Siting Council approved earlier for Caithness’ Shepard’s Flat wind farm.

The 845MW Shepard’s Flat is one of the largest US wind farms.

Saddle Butte will employ as many as 133 wind turbines, although their nameplate capacity was not immediately available.