Alliance to push governments for 100% RE policies

An international coalition of cities, renewables industry associations, non-governmental organisations and academics has launched a campaign to urge national governments to speed up implementation of policies supporting 100% renewable energy generation.

Today at COP22 in Marrakech, the Global 100% Renewable Energy (GO100RE) group will hold an event highlighting that galvanising the Paris Agreement means phasing out fossil fuels and investing uniquely in renewable energy infrastructure “immediately”.

“There is hope for the climate and future generations when such diverse constituencies lead the way to a swift shift to 100% renewable energy, preventing the most dangerous climate impacts.” says Tzeporah Berman, ambassador of the GO100RE campaign and master of ceremony of the gathering at COP22.

With 2016 again the hottest year on record, the GO100RE group argues that “aggressive action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is urgent”.

Eicke Weber, director of Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute ISE, says: “The energy sector, accounting for two thirds of global emissions, must be a top priority for action if we are to keep temperature rise well below 2°C.

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“The rapid transformation towards 100% renewable energy, underpinned by energy efficiency measures, is the single most effective way to rapidly reduce emissions. In addition, this transformation becomes more and more financially attractive.”

Fourteen countries, led by small-island states, have set 100% renewable energy targets, notes GO100RE,  with more than 300 cities, municipalities and regions “ the drivers of this transformation process, on their way".

“The ambition coming out this event at COP22 [today] shows that leadership and transformation comes from everywhere.” says Climate Action Network International director Wael Hmaidan.

“This unprecedented collective movement towards the 100% renewable energy vision will only grow, and chart the way for a new economy.”