US wind PTC safe under President Trump: Vestas

The planned phase-out of the US wind production tax credit (PTC) will not be altered under President Donald Trump, and wind power will remain “extremely competitive”, Danish turbine maker Vestas predicts.

Speaking to Recharge on Tuesday, before the results of the US election were revealed, Morten Dyrholm, Vestas’ senior vice-president for marketing, communications and public affairs, stressed that even if Trump were to win, he could neither ignore economic facts, nor change already enacted policies.

"I think if you look at the underlying fundamentals, the cost of wind in the US is extremely competitive,” Dyrholm said.

Dyrholm pointed out that the current PTC has already been approved “and it’s not something that a president, whoever’s elected, can reverse”.

“We’re on a stable track at least until 2020, after that let’s see what happens.”

In a statement after the election, Vestas said it would not speculate on different scenarios for the US renewables market – but noted that wind enjoys strong public support in the US, even with Trump supporters.


US wind sees PTC secure under next Congress

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"Polls show that almost 80% of Trump supporters want more wind farms built in the United States," Vestas said.

"What’s more, wind energy’s natural competitiveness against other power generation sources will help ensure its solid future. Wind energy supports nearly 88,000 jobs in the United States, including 21,000 in domestic manufacturing."