Innogy’s Belectric commissions 16MW battery in Saxony

Belectric, the recently-acquired solar and storage unit of German utility Innogy, has inaugurated a 16MW energy storage system in Saxony state to provide ancillary services that are increasingly needed due to more renewable power on the grid.

Belectric has built and commissioned the facility as general contractor for regional power provider Eins Energie in Sachsen. The €10m ($11.8m) unit with a rated capacity of 16MW can provide 10MW in primary reserve to the power market.

Innogy 'joins utility-scale PV front rank' as Belectric deal closes

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“Battery storage is the link between modern grids and volatile power generation from renewables,” said Frank Amend, managing director responsible for Belectric’s storage business.

“The battery responds to frequency changes within split seconds and either stores electricity from the grid or feeds energy into the grid, as required. It helps stabilise the grid and guarantee reliable power supply in an efficient manner.”

Conventional power plants often require several minutes for start-up or shut-down procedures, while the battery storage built by Belectric can deliver full system power within seconds, Eins Energie CEO Roland Warner added.

The state of Saxony funded the storage facility with €1m in subsidies from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The unit, which is integrated into a building in the Saxon city of Chemnitz, is one of the largest in Germany and Europe.