Acciona international growth continues as portfolio nudges 9GW

Acciona Energia posted 305MW rise in consolidated installed capacity in the first half of 2017, as new projects came online in Chile, the US and India.

The Spanish renewables generator – part of the Acciona power and infrastructure group – ended the first six months with a total of 8.99GW of renewables in its portfolio, 7.3GW of that in wind, with a consolidated total of 7.4GW.

But the group is growing its solar base around the world, and a 143MW PV plant in Chile was the biggest contributor to the year-on-year capacity growth, with the other additions coming in wind.

Acciona – which sold the Acciona Windpower wind turbine business to Nordex last year – said energy division revenues dipped 8.6% to €870m ($1bn) in the first half, but sector profits (Ebitda) held firm at €367m.

That came as production registered an 8.2% year-on-year fall due to lower hydro and wind output.

Acciona’s Spanish generation business was given a boost by a sharp increase in power prices there – €51.3/MWh compared to €30.1/MWh in the first half of 2016.