Enel and NEC to test renewable energy storage in Italy

Italian transmission network operator Enel Distribuzione has tapped NEC to supply a large-scale lithium-ion-manganese battery storage system to smooth distribution of electricity generated by renewable sources.

NEC will install a 2MVA/2MWh energy storage system – claimed to be among the largest of its type in the EU – at the Chiaravalle power substation site in Calabria.

Enel will carry out a pilot project to optimise the flow of renewable energy to the Italian transmission network by managing the imbalance between forecast and actual production caused by intermittent wind and solar generation, while minimising losses caused by grid congestion.

In April 2011, NEC and Enel formed a strategic partnership to develop a wide range of solutions for smart grids, focusing on energy storage technologies.

The same year, NEC signed an agreement with Italy’s Economic Development Ministry to evaluate energy storage systems and develop advanced components for intelligent power networks.