BSW slams surcharge extension plan

Extending a surcharge to finance renewables to include self-consumption, as Germany’s government plans, would lead to €300m ($410m) in additional costs for the country’s Energiewende – its move from nuclear to renewables – industry federation BSW Solar claims.

A draft proposal for a reform of Germany’s renewable energies act (EEG) by energy minister Sigmar Gabriel foresees that owners of renewable installations from 1 August 2014 will have to pay 70% of the surcharge for power they use themselves.

The surcharge – currently at €0.062 per kilowatt hour – currently only has to be paid for electricity fed into the power grid. It finances the difference between wholesale power prices and feed-in tariffs (FITs) and thus is slated to help the build-up of renewable energy capacity.

Gabriel and many in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative-social democrat Log in to read complete article.

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