Solarbuzz sees 2014 poly demand up

Global demand for polysilicon will increase 25% in 2014 to 282,000 metric tons from last year, driven by a rapid rise in end-market solar PV module shipments, according to NPD Solarbuzz.

Most polysilicon is used in solar applications, which has less stringent purity requirements than those for semiconductors. When, as now, solar panel demand is strong, the potential for very high solar PV-grade ploysilicon growth rates is there, NPD Solarbuzz says.

While semiconductor polysilicon is a high value-added segment, future demand growth will be modest in a mature market.

NPD Solarbuzz forecasts global manufacturers will ship 49GW of end-market solar PV modules this year.

The consultancy cautions that the growth trajectory in polysilicon supply and end-market demand is not always directly correlated.

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