GE joins Ontario microgrid demo

General Electric will help PowerStream build their first joint microgrid project that will demonstrate how Ontario consumers and utilities may be able to generate and distribute their own energy using renewable resources.

For the project, GE is providing its Grid IQ Microgrid Control System (MCS) as well as engineering design services. The microgrid will use solar and wind resources, a natural gas generator and energy storage devices including GE’s Durathon Battery technology.  

The microgrid will provide electricity for loads at PowerStream’s headquarters in Vaughn, Ontario, including lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration and electric vehicle charging.

Using the MCS, PowerStream can determine when it is most economical to use the resources powering its microgrid or when they need to revert to using power from the provincial power grid.

“The GE MCS will give PowerStream the ability to monitor, track and forecast load, generation and storage resources throughout the microgrid. By maximizing the use of distributed energy resources, PowerStream will be able to provide power in the most economical method possible,” says Juan Macias, general manager, grid automation, at GE’s Digital Energy business.

PowerStream’s microgrid demonstration project marks the next phase of its efforts to support smart grid development at the provincial level and leverage innovative “smart” technologies in Ontario’s electricity sector.