DOE funds tribal clean energy

The US Energy Department (DOE) will provide up to $7m to deploy clean energy projects in tribal communities, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and promoting economic development on reservations.

The money is subject to appropriations by Congress.

Through the "Community-Scale Clean Energy Projects in Indian Country" funding opportunity, DOE will make available as much as $4.5m for projects installing clean energy systems that reduce fossil fuel usage by at least 15% in either new or existing tribal buildings.  Those for renewable energy for power generation can be as small as 50kV to qualify for funding.

Through the "Tribal Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Deployment Assistance" funding opportunity, DOE has up to $2.5m available for projects installing renewable energy and energy efficiency equipment that reduce fossil fuel use in existing tribal buildings by at least 30%.

DOE has invested $41.8m in 175 tribal clean energy projects over the years. It also provides financial and technical assistance to tribes for the evaluation and development of their renewable energy resources, implementation of energy efficiency to reduce energy use, and education and training to help build the knowledge and skills essential for sustainable energy projects.