Masdar 'set to go' at Noor 1 PV

Noor 1 will follow the Shams 1 CSP project

Noor 1 will follow the Shams 1 CSP project

Masdar is expected to pull the investment trigger on its long-awaited Noor 1 PV plant in the next few months, with in-house panel producer Masdar PV likely to receive a substantial portion of the module order.

Noor 1 – intended to follow Masdar’s 100MW Shams 1 parabolic-trough CSP plant completed last year in Abu Dhabi – has faced a number of unexplained delays since it was first unveiled in 2011.

Several months after the project was announced, however, the whole of the Masdar organisation appeared to hit a speed bump, including a slimming of its staff and a reining-in of its near-term ambitions.

Nearly a year ago Masdar chief executive Sultan al-Jabbar brought Noor 1 back to the forefront, claiming the project was “in the final stages Log in to read complete article.

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