Clock ticking for buyer-less Aleo

The clock is ticking for aleo

The clock is ticking for aleo

The light at the end of the tunnel is rapidly growing dimmer for Aleo Solar, which admits that the potential buyer most interested in buying it walked away from the bargaining table last month.

Germany’s Aleo blames the disintegration of talks on the “increasingly challenging” European market, saying that it has resumed discussions with “other potential buyers”.

The latest failure means that takeover talks are likely to drag on until at least early 2014 – dangerously close to Aleo’s funding cut-off date next March.

This spring Bosch, a giant within Germany’s automotive sector, said it would exit the c-Si PV sector altogether, abandoning plans to establish a factory in Malaysia. Bosch promised to fund Aleo for one year, during which time it needed to find a new owner.

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