PV to compete with gas by 2025: UK

A PV array on the UK's Isle of Wight.
The UK government believes that by 2020 large-scale solar will in most cases be cost-competitive with onshore wind, and significantly cheaper than offshore wind.

In releasing a new report today on the PV sector's progress the Department of Energy and Climate Change stood by its controversial position that the UK could have 20GW of PV in place by 2020, up from about 2.5GW today.

The government's previously announced "central" energy forecast for 2020 predicted 10.7GW of PV by 2020. That compares to an 18GW prediction for offshore wind.

But, speaking today, energy minister Greg Barker said: “I believe [the PV industry] can go faster and further.”

“I think that up to 20GW of deployed solar is not only desirable Log in to read complete article.

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