Desertec split as Foundation walks

A mock-up of a Desertec plant in North Africa

A mock-up of a Desertec plant in North Africa

German non-governmental organisation the Desertec Foundation (DF) has pulled out of the Desertec Industrial Initiative (Dii) – the private consortium aiming to build a vast network of solar power plants across North Africa.

DF, which has spearheaded the €400bn ($521m) Desertec development since 2009, said “many irresolvable disputes between the two entities in the area of future strategies, obligations and their communication, and last but not least the managerial style of Dii’s top management” led to its decision.

A statement said: “Desertec Foundation also wants to avoid being dragged into the maelstrom of negative publicity about the management crisis and disorientation of the industrial consortium.

“The dispute at the management level has already led to resentment among the partners of the Desertec Foundation and it negatively Log in to read complete article.

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