EPIA urges binding national targets

Europe's solar industry has called for binding 2030 national renewables targets.

According to a leaked report, the European Council has called for a 30% target for renewables by 2030. This is more ambitious than the proposed 27% goal, but falls short of introducing binding national targets.

The European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) says that to be truly effective, national targets are needed to deliver the energy transition that Europe requires to meet its CO2 reduction commitments,

"An EU-wide target, without meaningful national targets, would not provide the stability and predictability an investor would need," says EPIA chief executive James Watson.

"To ensure that public and private capital is driven towards renewable energies, the right policy signals need to be given at European and national levels.

"The proposal currently on the table still falls short on the objective of incentivising investments in renewable energy and creating the low-carbon future a vast majority of Europeans want."