Hanwha SolarOne gains steam in UK

Two ground-mounted PV arrays totaling 16MW, kitted out by Hanwha SolarOne and built by Germany’s ib vogt, are on track for completion this month, the companies say.

Berlin-based ib vogt has quietly emerged as one of the biggest engineering, procurement and construction players in the booming UK PV market.

Having already built several arrays around the country, it will wrap up work this month on a 9.8MW project in Kent and a 6.2MW project in Cornwall, which will collectively feed more than 16.3GWh of electricity into the grid each year.

China-based Hanwha SolarOne – known as Solarfun before it was acquired by Korea’s Hanwha Group in 2010 – has apparently supplied modules for all of ib vogt’s UK projects to date.

Former Q-Cells chief executive Anton Milner is managing director of ib vogt. Hanwha bought Q-Cells last year after its high-profile bankruptcy.  

The UK added nearly 1GW of PV last year, taking analysts by surprise as it soaks up talent and resources left stranded by the fall-off in European markets like Italy. Industry sources say the country is now largely on par with the rest of Europe in terms of the cost of installed PV, and the government has opened the door to as much as 20GW of capacity by the end of the decade.

Japan represented the largest market for Hanwha SolarOne in the fourth quarter, followed by Greece and then China.