EU triple-track approach urged

The European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) has called for a “three-target approach” towards renewables, energy efficiency and emission reductions to be a central part of the EU's 2030 objectives.

Last week, the European Commission published a Green Paper to kick-start the debate on the EU’s climate and energy policies for 2020-30. It is seeking the views of member states, the European Parliament, industry groups and non-governmental organisations in a consultation that runs until 2 July.

“Europe must now be willing to follow through on this vision for a clean and competitive energy future, showing clear political direction and enabling further investments. That means committing to new objectives for 2030, including an ambitious and legally binding target for renewable energy sources,” says EPIA policy director Frauke Thies.

“The commission is right to strongly reject retroactive changes to political framework conditions that undermine investor confidence, destroy flourishing markets and eventually increase the cost of investments due to the created uncertainty.”

“Especially at a time when renewable-energy technologies like solar power are becoming ever more economically attractive, governments can only gain from a reasonable and stable political framework for renewables. This will benefit the economy, consumers and the environment.”

The EPIA points out the Green Paper comes at a time when some member states are wavering in their support for renewables, and are even enacting measures to cut support retroactively.

It warns that this has created uncertainty for investors and threatens an industry with a great potential to create jobs, alleviate climate change and bolster Europe’s energy independence.