€50m German boost for PV

Germany’s environment and science ministries will support R&D in innovative segments of the PV industry with an additional €50m ($64.7m), an environment ministry official told Recharge.

The sum comes on top of €100m Germany’s government has already provided since 2010 via the so-called “PV innovation alliance” that supported 26 different R&D projects.

Support from the programme is channelled into areas in which Germany is perceived to still have an edge, such as system solutions, innovative production techniques or cost-cutting PV production machinery, the German solar industry association BSW Solar said.

“With this, we will be able to develop even more efficient and inexpensive solar products and system solutions,” BSW Solar general manager Carsten Körnig said.

“Great R&D efforts are necessary to secure Germany’s innovative edge in the solar energy sector.”