CSun equips Romanian PV plant

Module manufacturer China Sunergy (CSun) and Bulgarian turnkey plant developer Day Energy have connected a 2.5MW PV project to the Romanian grid.

The solar park was installed in 50 days and connected to Romania state-owned power supplier Electrica’s grid, some 35km northwest of Bucharest. It will supply 3.2TWh of power per year to the county of Dambovitsa.

The project uses more than 10,000 CSun modules. Day Energy will provide operation and maintenance, as part of a two year operations guarantee.

Romania’s government decided in June to stop paying some renewable subsidies for several years and to cut the issuing of green certificates to avoid over-paying investors and to curb power price rises.

Under the law approved in June, the government will postpone paying some of the certificates until the end of 2017.  From 1 July until 2017 new solar projects will only get four green certificates instead of six, while wind projects will see their allowance cut to one from two.