Soitec hails 31.8% efficiency record

France's Soitec's latest concentrated PV (CPV) module has set a record power generating efficiency of 31.8%.

The French semiconductor electronics company's CPV concept, which uses Concentrix focusing technology involving a Fresnel lens and an anti-reflective bottom plate on which high-performance cells are mounted, boosts incoming sunlight by a factor of 500.

The new record, set with Soitec’s CX-M500 module, represented an increase of nominal peak power output over previous generations from 2,335Wp to 2,450Wp.

“With this new product, Soitec is continuing to raise the bar for solar power efficiency and, looking ahead, the potential for further improvement is significant,” says Gaetan Borgers, executive vice president of Soitec’s solar energy division.

“Based on our current work in solar cell development, we are well positioned to achieve even higher module efficiencies in the near future."

The record-setting module has been certified according to the International Electrotechnical Commission’s and Underwriters Laboratories’ standards as meeting product safety, performance and reliability rules in both the US and European markets.

Soitec has CPV installations in 18 countries around the world.