SolarOne 700MW China partnership

Hanwha SolarOne has announced a co-operation deal with a Chinese partner that could see it supply modules or EPC services to 700MW of projects in China.

The strategic partnership is planned between Korea-owned SolarOne and  Shanghai HuiTianRan Investment Holding Group Co (HTR).

HTR has an existing joint venture with a “large state-owned power company” that will be widened to encompass PV plant development, said a statement.

Under its deal with SolarOne, “HTR intends to use PV modules manufactured by Hanwha SolarOne in its 700 MW power plant projects or select [SolarOne] to be the EPC service supplier for said projects.”

Hanwha SolarOne’s chief financial officer Jay Seo said: "We continue to build up our track record and project profile in EPC and plan to engage in IPP development and ownership going forward.

“We have now identified downstream business potential of 950MW in China through this and other recently announced agreements."