JA Solar hails 19% breakthrough

Chinese PV manufacturer JA Solar’s multi-crystalline silicon solar cells have been tested to have a better than 19% conversion efficiency.

The new record follows the company’s announcement last August that its multi-Si cells had achieved 18.3% efficiency.

“By breaking the 19% efficiency barrier with our multi-Si cells, JA Solar has reached yet another milestone in terms of our ability to produce high-performance solar products in a cost-effective manner,” says chief operation officer Yong Liu.

“The new cells are a further testament to JA Solar’s efforts to push the boundaries of PV technology, and their superior power generation per unit of area and lower installation cost per watt will deliver significant value to customers.”

JA Solar expects to start mass production of its new multi-Si cells and integrate them into module assembly lines for commercial use in the second half of 2014.