Pakistan starts work on 1GW array

Work has started on the first 100MW phase of a planned 1GW PV development in Pakistan, according to a consultant working on the scheme.

Pakistan's government and local administrators in Punjab are backing Quaid-e-Azam, the country's first utility-scale project, which aims to help tackle the nation's 6GW capacity deficit.

The project, near the town of Bahawalpur, has 26sq km of allocated land and a power transmission line.

The first phase is due to be connected to the grid this year, says Gerwin Dreesmann of German consultancy 8.2 Ingenieurpartnerschaft Obst & Ziehmann, which is advising Pakistan.

Dreesmann claims government support for generation and the absence of tax on energy sales mean investors can achieve an internal rate of return of up to 18%, depending on financing conditions.