ReneSola hails Japan module OK

ReneSola is claiming an important breakthrough in Japan’s booming PV market after one of its modules was given the green light for use there.

The Japan Photovoltaic Expansion Centre (J-PEC) approved ReneSola’s 125-square monocrystalline module for deployment in the country’s residential solar market, says the Chinese PV manufacturer.

J-PEC’s approval means the panel is eligible for use under the country’s solar feed-in tariff (FIT).

Zhejiang-based ReneSola worked with suppliers in Japan to design a panel, inverter and racking-system package specifically for the local market.

It is now waiting for J-PEC approval of further products.

"J-PEC listing is considered the biggest hurdle for a foreign company entering Japan's residential solar market,” ReneSola chief executive Xianshou Li said.