Kazakhs plan PV array and factory

NanoWin Technology will build a $160m module factory and a $10m, 5MW solar array in Kazakhstan.

The Taiwanese copper, indium, gallium, selenide (CIGS) thin-film module maker will undertake the projects in the Zhambyl region of Almaty province this year.

NanoWin tells Recharge that Saudi Arabian investors are backing the factory and PV plant. The Kaohsiung-based company will also provide some capital, but its main role will be to supply its PV technologies.

It plans to begin building the factory in the next three months, with completion targeted within a year of the start of construction.

NanoWin will build the 5MW project with the local authorities and Zhambyl Power Grid. It will feature NanoWin’s CIGS thin-film panels, which offer a conversion efficiency rate of 12.8%. The plant is expected to generate 14.6GWh per year.

Construction of the array will take three to four months. NanoWIn will sell the electricity to the grid for $0.14-15 per watt, primarily to address local power shortages.