IN DEPTH: Charge of the PV batteries

E3/DC founder Andreas Piepenbrink says storage systems are 'definitely profitable'

E3/DC founder Andreas Piepenbrink says storage systems are 'definitely profitable'

Looking up at the dark clouds that blanket the sky over Berlin for much of the year, it is difficult to fathom how this Northern European country with its relatively cold climate ever became a champion in solar energy.

SolarCity's Zep launches new line

16 September 2014 02:57 GMT

Insolvency for Solon German units

16 September 2014 02:55 GMT

TerraForm set to take 50MW in UK

16 September 2014 01:54 GMT

Germany opens 5MW RE storage

16 September 2014 12:41 GMT

Chile to fund planning of 740MW

16 September 2014 01:02 GMT

EY puts China top for investors

16 September 2014 08:08 GMT

Canadian Solar in Jordan win

16 September 2014 10:17 GMT

Surpass signs on for 49.5MW PV plan

16 September 2014 04:38 GMT

Duke in $500m solar splurge

15 September 2014 04:28 GMT

Hudson beefs up portfolio funds

15 September 2014 01:57 GMT

EDF to sell PV plants to Dominion

15 September 2014 02:31 GMT

Ratchaburi signs 33MW Japan plan

15 September 2014 02:53 GMT

Japan cancels 1.8GW of planned PV

15 September 2014 05:13 GMT

Xcel issues 200MW solar RFP

13 September 2014 12:42 GMT

Ascent regains Nasdaq share listing

12 September 2014 03:16 GMT

QBotix names Zep vet as CEO

11 September 2014 09:03 GMT

Trina, JA Solar praise DG policy

12 September 2014 01:48 GMT

India declines to impose PV tariffs

11 September 2014 01:57 GMT

Sunrun, SolarBuyer partner on QA

11 September 2014 02:52 GMT

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