US rooftop PV finds a voice

Net metering by consumers is unsettling some big utilities

Net metering by consumers is unsettling some big utilities

Rooftop PV system providers in the US – a fast growing and increasingly well funded group of companies – have formed a lobbying group to counter what they describe as resistance to their business model among traditional power utilities.

The newly launched Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC) claims to represent “the majority” of companies servicing the US rooftop solar market, including big names like SolarCity, Sungevity, Sunrun and Verengo.

TASC’s initial focus will be defending net metering, a practice which allows PV system owners to “bank” the excess electricity they produce during sunny hours and draw it down later.

Depending on the size of their PV system and their electricity usage, consumers are able to significantly reduce or even eliminate their electricity bills via net metering.

For now at least, net metering, currently in place in 43 Log in to read complete article.

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