Spanish PV firms say they cannot accept 'retroactive' cut

Javier Anta says the situation creates legal uncertainty

Javier Anta says the situation creates legal uncertainty

The Spanish government is planning to cap the number of hours for which existing solar projects can receive subsidies in what will be a further blow to the country’s photovoltaic (PV) sector, says industry association ASIF.

“This constitutes a retroactive or pseudo-retroactive cut and creates just as much legal uncertainty,” says ASIF president Javier Anta, adding: “We cannot accept this.”

Anta says the plan involves limiting the number of hours per year for which existing and future solar installations can receive subsidies to 1,200 hours for fixed panels and 1,664 hours for moving panels. Spanish solar plants currently generate power for an average of 1,600-2,000 hours per year.

Rumours of a so-called “retroactive” cut in solar subsidies have been circulating for months, hitting company share prices and Log in to read complete article.

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