Siemens CEO praises US policy

Jo Kaeser, new CEO of Siemens

Jo Kaeser, CEO of Siemens

Siemens‘ recently-appointed chief executive Joe Kaeser praised the mix of fossil and renewable power sources in the US – while criticising mistakes in Germany’s more radical move from nuclear to renewable energy.

“We are a respected partner in the energy transition 'made in the USA', which distinguishes itself from less well executed approaches in other countries by its hitherto disciplined approach,” Kaeser told shareholders in Munich while presenting results for the company’s first quarter.

The US has taken a very reasonable approach to the restructuring of its energy supply, Kaeser said, with its mix of fossil generation and “new energy sources” that take care of peak demands.

“America shows how you can do this a reasonable way. They have moved away from coal, rather swiftly, towards gas and are Log in to read complete article.

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