PV 'competitive' with gas in 2025

Utility-scale PV will be cost-competitive with natural gas in nearly every major region of the world by 2025 even in the absence of a carbon price, and cheaper in some regions, predicts market researcher Lux.

The only places where gas-fired electricity will remain significantly cheaper than utility-scale PV in 2025 will be Russia and Greenland, Lux claims.

In South and Southeast Asia power from utility-scale PV arrays will be significantly cheaper than from combined-cycle gas turbines, while in all other regions globally the two will be within $0.02/kWh of each other.

The claim is based on the “likely scenario” of global gas prices above $7.60/MMBtu in 2025.

PV will reach cost-competitiveness with gas in some particularly sunny regions by the end of this decade, at a gas price of $4.90/MMBtu, Lux says.

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