US DoD awards Saft base contract

Saft will supply a 1MW battery system that will store excess electricity generated by a solar power facility at Fort Hunter Liggett in California, the US Army Reserve’s largest installation.

The Fort Hunter Liggett energy storage unit was designated as a “Net Zero” pilot installation by the Defense Department, which signifies that it will only consume as much energy as it produces.

The French company’s contract calls for it to provide two 500kW Intensium Max energy storage systems that comprise lithium-ion battery modules, power management and control interfaces, air conditioning and safety devices.

The 1MW solar system will be responsible for approximately one-third of the energy provided to the base, and will aid it in continuing its dedication to efficiency through solar power.

“The battery storage project is vitally important for our energy security and microgrid strategy because it is one of the dispatch strategies we will use to isolate our grid from the utility provider,” says Todd Dirmeyer, energy manager Fort Hunter Liggett.

Project construction began last August and is scheduled for completion this month.

Tri-Technic, which is prime contractor for this project, awarded Saft its first contract for a US Defense Department installation.

The US Army Corps of Engineers contracted Tri-Technic to provide the base with a 1.25MW energy storage system. The base is planning to install a third solar PV unit later this year.