EGP's CSP plant due in late 2014

Enel Green Power’s first CSP plant in North America, announced yesterday, will be on line by late 2014, the company says.

EGP will rely both on innovations developed by its in-house engineers and in some cases components supplied by third parties for the 17MW parabolic-trough plant, the company tells Recharge.

EGP opened the 33MW Stillwater geothermal plant in 2009 in Fallon, western Nevada, and several years later added a 26MW PV array to the site.

The addition of CSP to the hybrid plant will make it the first in the world to incorporate geothermal, PV and solar-thermal technologies within one linked-up generation system, EGP claims

EGP has made the integration of various renewables technologies one of its innovation priorities, with an eye towards minimizing the strain that disparate renewables plants place on the grids in many regions.