LA top US city for solar PV

– Los Angeles led all US cities with 132MW of installed solar PV on 1 January, as four others in California placed on a new top 20 ranking released by Environment Texas and the Frontier Group.

The 20 top cities have a total installed solar PV capacity of more than 800MW and are located in almost every region of the United States, according to the ranking, part of a study, “Shining Cities: At the Forefront of America’s Solar Energy Revolution.”

With one-tenth of one percent of the country’s land area, the top 20 cities contain 7% of solar PV capacity in the US – more solar power today than was installed nationwide six years ago.

The authors say the ranking is the first national-scale comparison of its kind of solar PV installations in major American cities. Solar capacity tabulated is from within the city limits of the municipalities.  

On a solar PV capacity per capita basis, Honolulu led all cities with 265 watts per person, followed by San Jose, California, 96; Wilmington, Delaware, 96; San Diego, California, 81 and Indianapolis, 68.

The report notes that cities are increasing their use of solar energy in a variety of ways. Some cities are focusing on distributed solar PV on homes and small businesses, others are building utility-scale solar power plants, while still others are developing solar energy at the neighborhood scale or through community projects.

Urban solar PV growth is being fueled by city policies and programs, partnerships with local utilities, strong state-level policies and support from federal programs.

Top 20 US cities by total installed solar PV capacity:

Los Angeles 132MW

San Diego 107MW

Phoenix 96MW

San Jose 94MW

Honolulu 91MW

San Antonio 84MW

Indianapolis 56MW

New York City 33MW

San Francisco 26MW

Denver 25MW

New Orleans 22MW

Sacramento 16MW

Jacksonville 16MW

Albuquerque 16MW

Portland, Oregon 15MW

Austin, Texas 13MW

Las Vegas 13MW

Newark 13MW

Raleigh 12MW

Boston 12MW