Soitec in US Army CPV deal

French semiconductor electronics outfit Soitec has signed a deal with the US Department of Defense for a 1MW concentrating PV (CPV) pilot at an army base in California.

The installation, being built with funding awarded under the Environmental Security Technology Certification Programme, will provide onsite distributed generation for the Fort Irwin military facility’s daily population of nearly 25,000.

“This project will not only prove an efficient CPV renewable energy technology but also pave a path forward towards energy surety and security at Fort Irwin,” says Fort Irwin’s director of public works Muhammad Bari.

Soitec vice president of US business development adds:  “This project will allow the Department of Defense to demonstrate future government applications consistent with the goals of improving energy security and expanding the development of renewable energy.”

Construction is slated to be completed next year.

The project will use 480 of Soitec’s Concentrix CX-S530 CPV modules, which uses a focusing technology involving a Fresnel lens and an anti-reflective bottom plate on which high-performance cells are mounted, boosting incoming sunlight by a factor of 500.